Bilton PRs

The Parish Registers of St Marks, Bilton have been transcribed and checked by the members of Rugby Family History Group. 

The Information on this CD is in the form of a PDF document and is navigable by the bookmarks. 
A copy of the information in several MS Excel files is also included.

The Registers have been divided into the following sections:

Register la   Mostly Baptisms from 1650 to 1746; some Marriages and Burials are included.

Register lb   Burials from 1658 to 1786.

Register lc   Marriages from 1663 to1752.

Register ld   Baptisms from 1740 to 1786.

Register 2a   Burials from 1783 to 1812.

Register 2b   Baptisms from 1786 to 1812.
(The above have the pages numbered sequentially from the start of the register)

Register 3    Baptisms from 1813 to 1861.

Register 4    Baptisms from 1861 to 1876.

Register 6    Marriages from 1754 to 1812.

Register 7    Marriages from 1812 to 1837.

Register 13   Burials from 1813 to 1884.

Register 14   Burials from 1884 to 1905.

Some entries appear to have been entered into the registers twice, therefore there may be duplicate entries.

The information appears "As Written"
Entries in square brackets [ ] have been made by the transcribers or checkers to clarify or
give additional information.

There is also an Alphabetical Index, which gives
Event (C = Baptism, M = Marriage, B = Burial)
Page of Register (not page of transcription)