Clifton Road MIs


This CD contains two sections:--

Section 1 gives the detailed Monumental Inscriptions in Clifton Road Cemetery, Rugby. The Cemetery opened in 1864 and the transcriptions were made between June 1991 and May 1993.

Section 2 gives an alphabetical index to the surnames given on the inscriptions.


Each record from the cemetery has been allocated an alphanumeric identity to facilitate research on this large site.

Firstly the cemetery is divided into seventeen sections, each identified by a letter. The identity letters used by the Rugby Borough Council have generally been followed with the exception of part of the Council’s section G, which lies between the western path and the boundary wall is called OG. This outer area has few monuments and the arrangement of the plots is less readily apparent than elsewhere. A site map showing the layout precedes the detailed records.

Each section is then divided into numbered plots. These numbers have been allocated by the compiler and do not correspond with the Rugby Borough Council numbers, which may occasionally be seen on monuments or on marker pegs. Detailed maps showing the details of the numbers used in this transcription precede each Section.

A small number of monuments have been removed and stored adjacent to the Lower Hillmorton Road boundary wall. These are identified only by the letter of the adjacent section.