Dunchurch PRs

The Parish Registers of St Peters Church, Dunchurch were originally transcribed by several different people (see notes below). 

The information has been brought together and checked by Rugby Family History Group
Some of the information has previously been published on Microfiche.

The Information on this CD is in the form of a PDF document and is navigable by the bookmarks. 
A copy of the information in several MS Excel files is also included.

The Register has been divided into five sections:

All 1538-1812        
Contains Baptisms and Burials to 1812 and Marriages to 1754.
(From 1727 onwards marriages may appear in both the Parish Register and the Marriage Register. In some cases the record appears in only one of these registers)

Marriages 1754-1810

Marriages 1810-1837

Baptisms 1813-1876

Burials 1813-1900

The information appears "As Written"
Entries in square brackets [ ] have been made by the transcribers or checkers to clarify or
give additional information.

There is also an Alphabetical Index, which gives
Event (C = Baptism, M = Marriage, B = Burial. See the original entry for other abbreviations)

Mrs Vara Randall, Mrs Christine Hodgetts and Mrs Joan Eastwood and the parts from 1538 to 1748 were entered into a database by Eric Dalgleish and checked by Eric Williams. 
At this time there was no attempt to record the entries precisely as written and subsequently the data was converted to "As Written" by use of a formula. 
Later still the first part was re-entered by Mr Paul Waller so that it is now precisely "As Written". 
The middle section remains as converted data.
The Marriage records were transcribed and entered by Mr Paul Waller in two sections.
These have now been combined to provide one set for the whole period. 
All these records have been reconstructed in Microsoft Excel by use of formulae.
Other work was done by Mr Glyn Edwards. 
Apologies to anyone else whose name has been omitted.