Dunchurch War Memorial


Dunchurch War Memorial and Church

This memorial is on the green opposite Guy Fawkes House. Panel  8 faces west. 


Panel 1        
In ever Living  
Memory of the men    
of Dunchurch  
and Thurlaston  
who died fighting for    
Faith and Freedom  
1914 – 1918  
Panel 2  
William H Adams  
Rupert Barratt  
Sidney Boote  
William J Brown  
George W Brain  
William H Chater      
Arthur Doyle  
Panel 3  
Leslie Dunbar  
Othello Dyke  
Arthur A Fox  
Walter E Gillings   
Wilfred Grant  
Frank R Harbord  
Vicar of Dunchurch  
Panel 4  
George Hirons  
William Hirons  
Leonard J Hopkins  
 Harold J Houldsworth  
James A Hughes  
Edwin Iliff  
Clifford Izzard  
Panel  5  
Thomas Izzard  
Fred Knight  
Jonathan Mulcaster  
Frank S Neville  
Harry Neville  
Harry Noon  
Roland S Norman  
Panel 6  
Edward J Parker  
Benjamin Pearce  
Harold C Pearce  
Walter H Pearce  
Richard P Powell  
Giles Redmayne  
John W Richardson  
Panel 7   
Leonard S Richardson  
William Ridout  
Walter Russell  
William Seeney  
John Shaw  
Johnathan P Shaw  
Leonard Spriggs  
Panel 8  
Frederic Sparkes  
William White  


Mid Panel  
“And these also died”  
“1939 – 1945”  
“In Faith for Freedom” 


Lower Panel 1  
Roland J Borton  
Stanley G Brett  
Edward H Colledge  
Arthur B Commons  
Lower Panel 2  
Clifford Fulsher  
Peter J Gray  
Joseph J Hirons  
Alfred Matthews  
Lower Panel 3  
Denis R Miles  
Desmond Mitchell  
Albert J Packer  
Donald W S Price  
Lower Panel 4  
William Sims  
Thomas Sullivan  
William G Walden  
John Warren  
Donald Bell