Foll family of Hillmorton

Very near the Church of St. John the Baptist in the village of Hillmorton Rugby is a solitary stone marking the grave of Thomas Foll 

Foll family gravestone

He was christened at Greatworth Northampton (which is just off the B4525 between Northampton & Bicester) on 2nd October 1814 his parents were Edward & Elizabeth Foll.

Then for 27 years we don’t know much about Thomas until he turns up in the 1841 Census (taken 6-7 June) (ages rounded) which tells us that Thomas age 25 a Farmer living in Quainton Buckinghamshire with sister Mary Foll she was age 20.

On 28th Jun 1842 Thomas married Sarah King at St Mary Magdalen Church Bermondsey the Rector at that time was John Edgar Gibson, marriage registration was 1842 Q2 Bermondsey Vol 4 page 8. Thomas’s father was Edward Foll and Sarah’s father was John King.

Son Edward was born 1843 & christened 21st November 1843 at Quainton Buckinghamshire birth registered 1843 Q3 Aylesbury Vol 6 page 329, & daughter Sarah Ann was born 1845 & christened 24th December 1845 at Quainton Buckinghamshire birth registered 1845 Q4 Aylesbury Vol 6 page 317.

We presume his wife Sarah died after 1845 because in the 1851 Census (taken 30-31 March)  Thomas age 36  is a widower & a farmer of 250 Acres employing 6 labourers was living Lower Street Hillmorton Rugby with  his 2 children Edward age 7 & Sarah Ann age 5  + Maria Louisa Grace age 33  a housekeeper from Winslow Buckinghamshire.

1852 Q1 Thomas Foll married his housekeeper Maria Louisa Grace the marriage was reg Winslow Vol 3a page 479.

9 years between 1852 and 1861 Maria had 4 children.

1861 Census (taken 7-8 April) Thomas age 46  a Farmer of 360 Acres employing 4 labourers & 2 boys living Lower Hillmorton with wife Maria L age 40  & 6 children 2 from his marriage to Sarah King that was Edward age 17 says a farmers son &  Sarah Ann age 15 says farmers daughter  to Sarah King & 4 from this marriage they are  Thomas age 7 ,  Hattill age 6 ,  Louisa Jane age 5  & Elizabeth Fanny age 9 months all these 4 children were born Hillmorton and in the house were 2 servants Ann Beach age 22 house servant from Hillmorton & Elizabeth Shaw age 18 also from Hillmorton.

1871 Census (taken 2-3 April) Thomas age 56 a farmer of 370 Acres employing 5 men & 3 boys living 68 Lower Street Hillmorton with wife Maria Louisa age 53  &  4 children:-  Edward age 27, Sarah Ann age 25,   Thomas age 17 ,  Hattill age 15 , and Mary Ann (no surname) age 16 servant from Northampton.

1881 Census (taken 3-4 April) Thomas age 66 a Farmer of 360 Acres employing 3 labourers & 2 boys living 55 Lower Street Hillmorton with wife Maria Louisa age 63 a farmers wife & 3 children: -    Thomas age 27 a farmers son,   Louise Jane age 25 a farmers daughter,   Elizabeth Fanny age 20 farmers daughter   + domestic servant Emma Haynes age 16 from Southam Warwickshire.

On 10th April 1887 Thomas age 72 died & was buried on 15th April 1887 his tomb stone reads in affectionate remembrance of Thomas Foll who departed this life April 10th 1887 age 72. his death is registered 1887 Q2 Rugby Vol 6d page 299.

His son Edward Foll is also buried in the same grave & his epitaph reads In Affectionate remembrance of Edward Foll who departed this life December 12th 1871 aged 28;   His death is registered 1871 Q4 Rugby Vol 6d page 315.

We shall never know why they were buried so near to the church.

PS.  His 2nd wife Maria Louisa died 1884 & was buried in St. Johns Churchyard on 20th October 1884  three years before her husband.
His daughter Sarah Anne DOB 1845 married John Ayres Johnson in 1875 & they had 8    children.
 Son Thomas Foll DOB 1853 married Minnie Chesterton in 1881 they had 2 children.
 Son Hattill DOB 1855 married Amelia Arnold in 1906 they had 11 children.
His daughters Louisa Jane DOB 1856  & Elizabeth Fanny DOB 1860 never married  lived together for many years & in 1891 Census they were living Fairfield Clifton Road Rugby with Niece & nephew & in 1901 Census found them living in Leamington Priors both living on means with a boarder Ann Sell  age 73 from Little Billing Northampton. Because of the variations of their name spelling unable to find a death for both sisters.