Harry Batchelor Prize

The Harry Batchelor Award is presented annually for the best article printed in the magazine. This is in memory of the founder and first Chairman of Rugby Family History Group who died in 2003.

The first winner in December 2005 for articles in Issues 60 to 62 (Autumn 2004 to Summer 2005 was Ann Luntley, a long standing member of Rugby Family History Group and former Secretary. Her article called Encouraging Lateral Thinking 

The second winner, in December 2006, was John Chard for the third article in a series of three on Thomas the Lamplighter.

The winner in 2007 was Sid Masters for 26/27 Sheep Street.

The winner in December 2008 was Joyce Latham for an article called Missing – presumed taken prisoner.

The 2009 winner was Christine Hancock for an article called Patience is a virtue.

Also this year a new system was started in which some entries were awarded Highly Commended or Commended. These were:

Highly Commended:
"Questions from the Past"    Bill Petrie
"Ezekiel"                            Peter Duffy
"A Tale of two wives"          Christine Hancock
"Courage under fire"            Peter Duffy

"825 squadron"                   John Chard
"DNA & family History"          Peter Davies

Specially Commended for a commissioned article:
"Rugby retrospectively in 2009"      Pat Webb

The 2010 winner was Linden Osborn for Canada Comes Up trumps which was published in Kith and Kin in two parts.

Highly Commended:
"In search of William" by Val Jones
"John Luntley, brewer and grocer of Southwark, c.1610-1671" by Ann Luntley

"What's in a (fore)name?" by Sid Masters
"Elizabeth Who?" by Ann Luntley

2011's winner was Christine Hancock for Three Sisters and a Lunatic

Highly Commended:


In 2012 the winner was Ann Luntley for A Tragic Event at Anzio, Italy in 1944 

Highly Commended:
"The Beatty Bible" by John Frearson
"Mud house to opera house" by Charles Partington-Tierny 

"Hunting for Grandad's war" by Linden Osborn
"Early photographers in Rugby" by John Frearson

2013 winner was John Frearson for The Walbrook Glee Singers

Highly Commended:
"I died in Hell- they called it Passchedaele" by David Bluestein

"Dr Richard Rouse Bloxham DD" by Mike Beare

In 2014 the winner was Christine Hancock for "Researching a photo album"

Highly Commended:
"Beware of Postcards" by Gillian Allan

"Two faces of World War 1" by Freda Griffiths

The winner, for an article published in issues from Autumn 2014 to Summer 2015,
Anne Rogers for Maundy Charles Rodgers Rodgers – Indian Ancestry

Highly Commended: 
“George Hobby Bootmaker to the Aristocracy” by Ann Luntley
“In Search of Grandad” by Rachel Andrews

“A Convict in the family – Maybe?”  by Maurice Green
“The Black Sheep” by Janet Potter