History of Cosford

Cosford canal arm. Picture from Rugby, A Pictorial History by E.W.Timmins, 1990

Situated North of Rugby by the River Swift.

Tiny Hamlet in the civil Parish of Rugby Borough and in part of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Newbold (St Botolphs Church).

The old arm of the Oxford Canal runs from Cosford to Brownsover Hall this regulates the level of the canal.

Cosford place name is in Knightlow Hundred and the earliest record of the name is in 13th Century. Probability of the name comes from the Assize Roll form of 1262.
Meaning:  iold Celtic name for the River Swift.

1841: 16 houses   82 Inhabitants
484 Acres 2 Roods 16 Perches 0f Land  Rateable Value  £1429 9s 6d
Owners        Mr J Boughton Leigh     Lord of the Manor
                   Mr Edward Norman      Farmer       Large Family with Servants
                   Mr Edward Bates          Farmer
                   Mr W M Cave     Carpenter

1851:   16 Dwellings   76 Inhabitants
Residents Surnames Include:
Bennt     Bromwich    Bates    Coss    Cave     Chamberlain    Ingram    Liggins    Marshall     Mountford    Norman    Sanders    Turale    Walker    Watts
+ Servants

1861:    16 Dwellings     48 Inhabitants
Residents Surnames Include:
Bates    Bromwich    Cave    Cheadle    Ingram    Marshall    Ridley    Walker    Watts (2 Families)   + Servants

1871:  9 Dwellings   41 Inhabitants    
Gross Estimated Rental £2524.00
Rateable Value         £2054.00 
Residents Surnames Include:
Arnold     Exton    Hall    Holland    Redler    Smith    Watts    Walker

William Deacon              Farmer                    John Ridley          Farmer 
William Stokes               Farmer @ Cosford Grounds
Daniel & Joseph Hall       Farmers   Plus Joseph was a Miller

1881:     9 Dwellings       45 Inhabitants
Residents surnames Include
Cleaver    Deacon    Dew    Halford    Higham    Perkins    Ridley    Spokes        
+ Servants

1891:        9 Dwellings                40 Inhabitants
Residents surnames Include
Joseph & Emma Hulse           Farmer + Wife
Burbury    Deacon    Howes    Steele    Spokes    Wallo  

1901:         9 Dwellings                29 Inhabitants
Residents surnames Include
Abbott    Barnwell    Hancock    Spokes    Steel    Tickle    Watts

1911:      9 Dwellings         47 Inhabitants
Residents surnames Include
Green    Harker    Haynes    Izzard     Jones    Steele    Towers    Voss    Waring

 In the Early 1960’s a Mr Haynes was the Farmer in the main farmhouse & some modern farm workers houses were built. In one of them a family by the name of Wilson lived & one of the son’s (Jamie) went to Newbold County Primary School in about 1960 to 1964. (See notes on 1972)

1972:       Information from the Borough of Rugby Register 
Parish of Cosford
Jeffrey Boyes       Manor Farm
Reginald,Andrew &Jamie Wilson  1 Trusteel House
Eric & Evelyn Johnson   2 Trusteel House
James Bush     3 Trusteel House
James H Haynes    Grange Farm
Albert Gamble    Manor Farm Cottage
George & Catherine Clarke  Cosford Hall Farm

9 Houses   (see Google Maps)
Also there is a shooting ground for Clay Pigeon Shooting & Air Rifles

Useful Books & Sources
Census Returns on Ancestry.co.uk
Place Names of Warwickshire VolX111         Rugby Library
History Gazetteer & Directory of Warwickshire      Rugby Library

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