Rugby Loco Steam Shed Memorial

A bronze tablet bearing the names of the dead, mounted on white marble, superimposed on black slate. On either side of the tablet is hung a framed illuminated roll of honour, containing the names of members of the department who served in the forces during the war. 
(From a report of the unveiling - Rugby Advertiser, 11 March 1921)

Surname Initials              
BIRTWISTLE J H              
CLARKE G E              
DAWSON W N              
GURNEY F W              
HODGE G R              
JEEVES C A              
JONES C E              
LINES G H              
PHILLIPS L G              
SINCLAIR A              
BROOKS J J              
CLEMENTS E E              
GIBBS B              
GRIFFITH L              
HUGHES J W G              
JIGGLE E              
JOYCE P J              
MANSFIELD H              
RENSHAW A J