Rugby PRs

Some of the Parish Registers of St Andrew’s Church Rugby were originally transcribed by Rugby Family History Group and published on Microfiche. Later information has now been transcribed and checked, including Baptisms at St Matthew’s and Holy Trinity Churches in Rugby and all the Registers are now published on CD.

The Information on this CD is in the form of a PDF document and is navigable by the bookmarks. A copy of the information in several MS Excel files is also included.

The Register has been divided into eight sections:

All 1620-1812 Contains Baptisms Marriages and Burials to 1812. Previously published.

Marr 1754-1783 Marriages not included in the 1620-1812 Register (above). Names transcribed from the Marriage Register.

Bapt 1813-1840 Baptisms at St Andrews from 1813 to 1840. Previously published. (There may be some overlap of later entries with StABap1839-1876) 

Bapt 1839-1876  Baptisms at St Andrews from 1839 to 1876

St Mat Bap 1841-1875 Baptisms at St Matthews from 1841 (when it opened) to 1875

H Trin Bap 1854-1879 Baptisms at Holy Trinity from 1854 (when it opened) to 1879

Marr 1813–1840  Marriages from 1813 to 1840.

Bur 1813- 1950  Burials from 1813 to 1950 (end of register)

The information appears “As Written” 
Entries in square brackets [  ] have been made by the transcribers or checkers to clarify or give additional information.

There is also an Alphabetical Index, which gives 
Event (C = Baptism, M = Marriage, B = Burial. See the original entry for other abbreviations)