Wroth Silver

Wroth Silver Ceremony.

11th November, St Martinmas Day.
The rising of the sun or 6.15am.

Payments to the Duke of Buccleuch.
On Knightlow Hill in the parish of Ryton on Dunsmore.

Id each.          Arley, Astley, Birdingbury, Bramcote, Shilton, Barnacle, Little Walton, Woolscott.

1 1/2d each.   Bourton & Draycotte, Napton, Radford Semele, Whitley.
2 1/2d each.   Bubbenhall, Churchover, Ladbroke, Princethorpe, Stretton on Dunsmore, Toft, Weston under Wetherley
4d each.         Hillmorten, Hopsford, Wolston and Marston, Lillington

1 Shilling.        Leamington Hastings.
2s 2d.            Long Itchington.
2s 3 l/2d.       Harbury.

In the time of Dugdale the following parishes paid but are not now called upon.
Id                  Frankton, Shuckburgh, Newham Paddox.
1 l/2d.            Baginton
2d each.         Rugby, Whitnash.
3 l/2d.            Harborough Magna.
4d each.         Bilton, Cestersover.

For non payment of fees there is a fine of 20s for every penny not paid, 
or otherwise a forfeit of a white bull with a red nose and ears of the same colour.

This is followed by breakfast with hot milk and rum to toast the occasion.

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